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Book contains the genealogy of Samuel PALK and Sarah BRABROOKE's children minus the genealogy of Jonathan PAULK and Rebecca Ruth STEARNS (covered by ADDENDUM ONE). Some of Jonathan’s siblings remained in the New England area but the majority migrated Westward into Ohio and later with the river boats and wagon trains into the Westward lands of MO, OK, KS, OR, CA, TX, AZ, NM, etc. Their descendants braved the wilderness, the loneliness of the prairies, the wagon train attacks by Indians, the marauders of the Civil War era, the horror of the dust bowl, and the great depression to settle the wild West. This ADDENDUM contains their descendants, some of their trials, and their accomplishments, Book is 8-1/2 by 11 format, fully documented with full name index, 53 photos and contains 684 pages. ISBN: 978-1-938637-53-7. Published 1 July 2020. Price: $70.00.